Café for Yarn, Dialogue & Possibilities

The launch of this blog coincides with my more serious search of a venue for hosting life enriching conversations.  Dialogue is so important these days.  That eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart connect cultivates the mind, body and spirit.

For weeks I’d been driving by a location which seemed perfect for hosting “chats” and I promised myself to drop by for an inside look, scope the place out, you know, intuit the energy as a possible setting for gatherings.

I reCage 2cently had a chance to drop by and fell in love as soon as I entered.  I was pleasantly surprised with the absolutely wonderful rustic décor which engenders a feel of authenticity, a down-to-earth, welcome-home air.

Upon chatting with the owner about the possibility of hosting chats within her venue, we discovered we were in alignment.  She loved the idea of partnering to host conversations in her cafe.  Details are in the works.  I am so excited about the possibilities.

Cafe 3

Under the auspices of yarn, open to all, the purpose of these dialogues is to provide a warm and welcoming setting to kick-back, connect and converse on topics which empower and enrich the spirit.  The conversations are designed to allow exploration of new paradigms for journeying our life paths, personally and collectively.  We shall delve into role of purpose, the value of stillness, the meaning of allowing and letting go, creating space, embracing change, and  examining possibilities and how to get there with ease and grace.  We’ll look at ways to innately shift and how to truly flow during these interesting times.  Participants will be encouraged to bring their yarn and needle to crochet and knit while we dialogue or folks can simply attend, as is, to converse and connect with other like-minds.


Cafe 1

I’ve already claimed this sun-drenched corner as my own for crocheting, creating and expanding possibilities.  

This lovely cafe is on Long Island in New York.

More details to come.   Stay Tuned. . .

I welcome your thoughts.

~ Alicia ~

Director of Yarn

1 thought on “Café for Yarn, Dialogue & Possibilities

  1. This sounds wonderful, Alicia! I will let my sister, who is a total knitting/crocheting addict, about it…maybe she’d want to participate when you are set. My art is such a solitary thing… cutting glass on my kitchen table…it’d be nice to socialize a bit… Keep me posted!


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