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Pause for Celebration – Women’s History Month!

In our busy, active world–and sometimes it is a whirl!–we must take time to pause, breathe and celebrate all that we do.  One of my mentors stressed to me once, we must take time to acknowledge and celebrate who we are daily, that which we do…even for the small things.

I have discovered that offering small celebrations, rewards for making it through the week make life sparkling inside.  I’ll promise to treat myself to a book or a tall gourmet hot chocolate should I complete a task.  Or, I’ll encourage a night out with friends to celebrate a project completed.

“Celebration of self, making it through our day is so important for honoring the depths of who we are as a human being.”

What’s really special, though, is when others honor you.  I’m so excited to be recognized in a marvelous exhibition honoring women entitled, Women of a New Tribe.  The exhibition is features the physical and spiritual beauty of women highlighted in black and white photography reminiscent of the high glamour images of Hollywood’s 1930’s and 1940’s.  This exhibit has toured internationally and is now opening in New York through May.  I have been included for my work as a professor and fiber artist.

Jerry Taliaferro is the highly acclaimed photographer of this exhibit.

I’ll be sharing more after the show soon opens.

In the meantime, I shall be in deep “crochet reflection” mode while I finish up a couple of projects.  Hhhmm…I’m feeling the possibilities of a major fiber arts show opening soon.  Details to unfold as the possibilities bring such forth.


Celebrate Your Greatness This Week!

~ Alicia ~

Fiber Artist

PS:  Do share how you have take a moment to celebrate this week.  “You” are so important; own it!


How One Stupid Tweet Messed Up a Life! – Why Yarn, Chat & Possibilities Is So Needed

I ran across a New York Times article which is so relevant to the need for conversation.  When people dialogue, mindfully look one another eye to eye,  there is a connectedness which is so important to the human spirit.  In our ever expanding digital age, we sometimes become lost in developing a relationship with a device.  Now, mind you, I am a professor of social media but there must be balance.

When you become mindful in dialogue, mindful in your connect with another, it supports the growth of oneself.  Our inner relationships have opportunity to thrive.  In sessions where we gather, like those of crochet or knitting circles, opportunities avail to more deeply delve into focused, meaningful conversation.  It enables an internal empowerment and clarity of direction.

Here is one amazing story made for a chat, one which serves as an poignant lesson to inspire us to become far more in tuned with how we should be aligning our forward focus.  The power of yarn and conversation is a major force for positively shifting our life.

Tell me what you think of  this story from the New York Times entitled,

“How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life”

Source / Link:

Healing The World With Yarn


See How Yarn Contributes to Being Alive, Our Well-Being & Happiness

I am so thrilled to share a marvelous video I came across sharing fascinating and life saving benefits of engaging with one’s needle.  The video, Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time, provided by the Craft Yarn Council offers excellent insight in a marvelously produced work, with great music, research and testimony.  You’ll hear how crochet and knitting has works to transform lives.  You’ll amazingly discover:

  • How the repetitive motion crochet and knitting contributes to deepening our relationship with our minds
  • How it contributes to a heightened meditative state for addressing problems and finding solutions
  • The awesome social benefits of gathering in circles
  • The proven studies showing how it reduces stress, blood pressure levels, depression and eases chronic pains
  • It’s positive impact on children, teens, the elderly, the chronically ill and others

The video shares so much more, too.  Working with yarn to create, helps to free our minds and place us in a zone that’s therapeutic and nurtures our hearts, mind and soul.

The Power of Crochet & Knitting Circles

 In our technology driven age where we are so engaged with computers, our smartphones and other tech gadgets, it takes away from our humanness.  We are drawn from what it means to be alive. We must mindfully balance our interaction with such so as to nurture the core of who we are.  Socially, gathering in with others, in circles of common ground, enriches our spirits.  And, that’s why I love being an impetus of the call to gather, like that of those of the elders who innately knew how the energy of healing works especially while in circle, connecting with others.

Yarn Matters

I absolutely love the way the power of needlework is described in the video by Carrie Barron, MD, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.  She says:

“If we deaden our senses, if we do not engage in activities that brings our senses to the surface, there is an insidious type of collapse within…and we loose the best part of being alive…of being human…Yarn Matters!”

Yarn definitely matters in my life.  It helps to bring people together to create, connect and chat at an authentic levels, to share and thrive. When we connect through mindful dialogue, focused conversation…ahh the possibilities are limitless.


Do enjoy and share the news with those in your circle today:

Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time


It truly is all about Yarn, Chat & Possibilities!

 Yarn Beige Circle

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  What do you think?

~ Alicia ~

Image Source:

I Love Yarn! Happy Valentine’s Season!

With Valentine’s Day season in the air, I thought deeply about what I wanted to share with you.  So, while  slowly cruising through my Long Island neighborhood I thought about things I absolutely love.   And, when I did, it so magically shifted my energy.  I was in love with just thinking about what I love.

Yarn Valentine Heart MyGurumi

Here’s my list:

  • I love yarn and with a side of good conversation
  • Anything cinnamon
  • A juicy tangerine
  • Fiber arts

Heaven for me:  My needle and yarn, with a friend or two to chat; a cinnamon bun and a tangerine on the side!  Suddenly I get visions of a finished piece of artwork.  Ohh, goodie!

Sometimes it’s just the little things in life that mean a whole lot.

Happy Valentines Day!

What things do you love?  What makes you tickle and giggle inside and out?  Shifts your vibration?  Please, oh, please do share.

~ Alicia ~


(Image from:  Diana Knits / My Gurumi



Yarn: Too Much, Too Little New App On Funny Video Shows How Much To Buy

I just watched a hilarious short video showing how you can now more easily calculate how much yarn you will need to buy for creating any item you want.  A new app helps you to buy just the right amount….so you’ll have enough to finish up that sleeve for that special sweater…or whatever you are in the midst of creating.

This funny video is sure to have you chatting with friends.  Go on and start up a great conversation and laughter with this.

Buy yarn…smarter with StashBot app!


It is very rare that I run into this challenge as my artPhone Thru Jan 20 2015 390 creations are not based on exactness normally needed for needlework projects.  My fiber arts projects are intuitively calculated.

Here, I simply gathered remnants of yarn which culled me to create:  “Elder Chat” © 2015 Alicia Evans.  All Rights Reserved.

Abstract reflections of an elder chatting with her little girl.  Ahh, the yarn she shares of life and beyond.


Phone Thru Jan 20 2015 395


“Sister Chat” © 2015 Alicia Evans.  All Rights Reserved.

Here, reflections of two sisters gathering to chat when the core of their being  is…yarn.


Have you ever miscalculated how much yarn you needed? Do share your tale.