Yarn: Too Much, Too Little New App On Funny Video Shows How Much To Buy

I just watched a hilarious short video showing how you can now more easily calculate how much yarn you will need to buy for creating any item you want.  A new app helps you to buy just the right amount….so you’ll have enough to finish up that sleeve for that special sweater…or whatever you are in the midst of creating.

This funny video is sure to have you chatting with friends.  Go on and start up a great conversation and laughter with this.

Buy yarn…smarter with StashBot app!



It is very rare that I run into this challenge as my artPhone Thru Jan 20 2015 390 creations are not based on exactness normally needed for needlework projects.  My fiber arts projects are intuitively calculated.

Here, I simply gathered remnants of yarn which culled me to create:  “Elder Chat” © 2015 Alicia Evans.  All Rights Reserved.

Abstract reflections of an elder chatting with her little girl.  Ahh, the yarn she shares of life and beyond.


Phone Thru Jan 20 2015 395


“Sister Chat” © 2015 Alicia Evans.  All Rights Reserved.

Here, reflections of two sisters gathering to chat when the core of their being  is…yarn.


Have you ever miscalculated how much yarn you needed? Do share your tale.  


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