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Lapel Pins Spark a Conversation – Haberdashery with a Twist!

I am so in tuned with the gift of connecting with others.  And, oh, how I love ways in which to spark a conversation.  A great way for guys to get chats started is to adorn a unique lapel pin.  Ahh, that says so much about a man, his taste, his charm, his wit, his character.

I had the opportunity to be inspired over a lapel pin.  Had the pleasure of chatting with an acclaimed personality, motivational speaker, top businessman and television persona about my art of weaving and more.  I’m hoovering right now on being discreet but my latest piece pays high homage to him. 

Psst… don’t tell him but you’ll find him here:


“Tango Orange”
(C) 2015 Copyright by Alicia Evans

Spice 'N Pepper

“Spice ‘N Pepper”
(C) 2015 Copyrighted by Alicia Evans

Custom designed, one-of-kind, handcrafted gentleman’s lapel pin.  Surely a great gift, especially for Father’s Day…a definite conversation piece.

Just call this the haberdashery with a twist.

Let’s talk more about adding one in your amoire.
Let’s connect:

The Sacredness of Circles


There is something so powerful about the energy of circles.  My fiber artwork contains a core of circles which seem to draw people in to study, observe, slowly meander through the course of the work.  I consider my artwork to be a visual labyrinth, a mind-spa for nurturing and transforming your spirit.  The intention of the art is to help you tap into that an innate power you have always known.

There is a sacredness about circles.  They imbue authenticity, completion, wholeness, wisdom, infinity, cycles, perfection, unity

Circles II AE

When crocheting where I am fine-tuned on circles, they tend to “talk” and guide my design.  I eagerly embark upon the journey, not quite understanding where the guides shall take me or where or even when I should end the piece.  I let the yarn speak.  I allow my needle and yarn to transcend my being into a sacred realm and when I emerge…ahh, divine crocheted beauty is birthed.


2015 Copyrighted (C)  Alicia Evans  All Rights Reserved.

Featured are the latest addition to my fiber arts collection:

Sacredness 42015


2015 Copyrighted (C) Alicia Evans

All Rights Reserved.

So, tell me, what do circles mean for you?  I welcome your sharing.

What’s Your Vibrational Tone: Fine-Tuning Your Law of Attraction While Crocheting

As I gathered around my family of yarn to craft out my next conversation, my next topic for community reflection, I seemed to be drawn to explore the nature of frequency and vibration.  As I weaved and manipulated my needle this way and that, I queried the meaning of successfully riding the wave of the law of attraction.

While not a master of quantum physics, I have a surface understanding of how like attracts like or that adage, birds of a feather flock together.  Over the past days I have mindfully witnessed how such is certainly true and do invite you to observe the nature of such.  Tis quite amazing especially when you observe years of patterns.

I think the key to understanding the Law is to be aware of the power of intention and vibration.  At the core of everything, like the theory of everything we are all energy…vibrating energy.  Everything in this existence has a vibrationally frequency and it is so good to see the enhanced studies on vibrational medicine, using sound, for physical healing.

When we set forth our intention to be mindful of our thoughts, keeping them in a positive realm, we impact the core of our vibrational tone.  It is always a work in progress but once we begin to actively shift our behavior and then actively observe what shows up in our life…ahh, therein lies the magic and power of the law of attraction.

As I delved into this pattern of thinking this week, I found myself more relaxed, at ease.  I inventoried my circle of social and business associates.  Determined to clean house.  Such prompted my vibrations to calmness…and then a burst of creativity to complete development of my FIBER ARTS TREE GALLERY.  This is a travelling gallery paying tribute to trees via my yarn version of trees.  Too, I also developed a complimentary workshop focused on using the artwork to enhance one’s mindfulness.  I am feeing on a roll; inspired to get this project launched.

It’s all about your vibrations

So…what have you attracted into your life this week?