The Sacredness of Circles


There is something so powerful about the energy of circles.  My fiber artwork contains a core of circles which seem to draw people in to study, observe, slowly meander through the course of the work.  I consider my artwork to be a visual labyrinth, a mind-spa for nurturing and transforming your spirit.  The intention of the art is to help you tap into that an innate power you have always known.

There is a sacredness about circles.  They imbue authenticity, completion, wholeness, wisdom, infinity, cycles, perfection, unity

Circles II AE

When crocheting where I am fine-tuned on circles, they tend to “talk” and guide my design.  I eagerly embark upon the journey, not quite understanding where the guides shall take me or where or even when I should end the piece.  I let the yarn speak.  I allow my needle and yarn to transcend my being into a sacred realm and when I emerge…ahh, divine crocheted beauty is birthed.


2015 Copyrighted (C)  Alicia Evans  All Rights Reserved.

Featured are the latest addition to my fiber arts collection:

Sacredness 42015


2015 Copyrighted (C) Alicia Evans

All Rights Reserved.

So, tell me, what do circles mean for you?  I welcome your sharing.


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