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A Garden Grows in Brooklyn: Street Art Crocheted – Definitely a Conversation Starter

I love living in New York for you are constantly amazed at the sights.

Below is a great piece so in line with my world of fiber art and crochet. Located in one of the nation’s hottest growing regions, my town of birth, Brooklyn, New York. Right on Myrtle Avenue there is currently a garden in crochet advising: Save The Art
What a wonderful, inspiring sight to see.

Knowing my love of fiber art, and yarn and crochet, my friend Lynne eagerly forwarded this beautiful street art. As for ownership, it had a hashtag of #LondonKane or #LandonKane at the bottom. I welcome sharing the name of the artist; just let me know.

Truly prompts inspiration and reflection of ways we can encourage one another through works of art.

Save The Art Marcy Ave


What about you?