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“Chit Chat” Pins Make Statement @ Museum Festival / Marketing Art

Well, I made it back from this weekend’s museum festival where I launched my Chit Chat pins.  As I shared in my last post, these pins are great for adorning bags, t-shirts, hats and more.  They are sooo much fun.

From an artist marketing perspective, my Chit Chat pins serve well as an audience engagement prompt for the opening the door to my more serious work focused on my more complex…and major investment…of my fiber art wall hangings, especially those of my major works on tress.

Chit Chat Pins (c) 2015 Alicia Evans
Chit Chat Pins (c) 2015 Alicia Evans

How’d this all work:  Well, with the Chit Chat pins creatively displayed it naturally drew an  audience.  Once drawn to my area, I had an authentic, down-to-earth chat about the possibilities for adorning the pins.  After the initial pitch, I drew them into conversation about my larger works which are excellent pieces for decorating their home, office or for gifting for anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions.  I even advised of how my work serves as an excellent way to memoralized a loved one.  For businesses and politicians, I indicated the artwork is excellent for awards programs, promotional campaigns and great for other out-of-the-box programming.

Well, indeed, it worked!  My “Chit Chat” pins were a hit and accomplished marketing efforts intended.

Adorn a t-shirt, spruce up a bag, start a conversation with a pin dancing upon your hat.

Chit Chat Pins    Adorn a t-shirt,  spruce up a bag, start a conversation with a pin dancing upon your hat.
Chit Chat Pins
Adorn a t-shirt, spruce up a bag, start a conversation with a pin dancing upon your hat.

Minatures Purple Pin  Minatures with Leaves

Customers delight over the adornment possibilities for the pins

ART Columbia U Students At Museum Festival

ART Customer Claudia Sweensen

Customer Claudia Swansey adorns a light green Chit Chat pin to compliment her beautiful outfit inspired by the colors of nature.   Thank you, Ms. Claudia.

Chit Chat Pins are used as a marketing prompt for major works from my collection.

aevans1.jpg TreeMendousPhone Thru Jan 20 2015 3771379


All works copyrighted.

(c) 2011 – 2015 Alicia Evans


Do you want to chat more about my works?

Hear more about the process?  Chit Chat pins?

Need an inspiring speaker for your next event?

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Feel free to contact my representative:

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Show Time @ The Museum – What’s Your Favorite Color?

Minatures Exhibit AA

So excited to  receive an invite to participate in a local show hosted by a Long Island museum.  It’s their  weekend festival.  I’ll be sharing works from my new Metropolitan Collection:  The Minatures.  Wearable art or frameable…that’s how the trend goes today.  Just think:  the frame can serve as the “new” jewelry box.  After a night out, just place the art back in its frame.  Wha-La!

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Above:  Wearable Art – Regular pins and suit label pins

For display or wear on clothing, adorn bags, jazz up a sweater or present as a delightful gift.

Military Salute The Minatures

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Here:  A Salute to Military

Pins honoring our military for, indeed,

Let us praise all they do for our country.

Thank you.

The Metropolitan Minatures are a whole lot of fun.

What do you think?

Military Salute Nature Minatures Gold

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

 The Metropolitan Collection:  The Minatures Series

Minatures with Leaves

 Minatures Gold Pin II

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Minatures Purple Pin

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Have to run…  More minatures to get ready for their big launch.

Minatures Group Draft

Let me know if you “LIKE”!

What color do you like best?

Pick one here and let me know:

Details, Darling, Details – It’s All in the Details of the Artwork

Copyright © 2015 Alicia Evans  All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2015 Alicia Evans
All rights reserved.

I had the grand opportunity to have a couple of professional photographers excited about my artwork desiring to photograph images.   What, pray tell, causes such excitement?  What did they want to capture?

Grandly offering an answer in full diva mode was one female photographer proclaiming, “It’s all in the details, darling, and the details!  That’s where the spark of magic is captured with your intricate curves and meandering flow.”

Okay, okay…I got it.

Show the crochet details of the artwork.

Yes, Darling, Yes!

Copyright © 2015 Alicia Evans All rights reserved.

“In This Moment” – More Reflection to be Imbedded In My Crochet Stitches

I had the chance to converse with a friend I had not seen in over a year.  A dear soul, one whom I truly valued but the nature of life had us arrive upon a fork in the road with our paths going separate ways.  Our recent reconnection was via phone late one night where initial moments felt a bit strange, a sort of cumbersome re-acquaintance period.

We began sharing where life had led us over the year.  Stepping forward cautiously.  Baby steps.  Safe sharings.   Then, something amazing happened; seems a dam broke and a cascade of recent occurrences effortlessly flowed from my dear friend…just like old times.  All had been well but recent weeks delivered a major life challenge.  Suddenly our uncomfortableness broke down where we slipped back into our old familiar friendship territory.   My concerns for his current challenge prompt my heart into overdrive to surround him with well-wishes for the best resolve; prayers poured forth from the depths of my sincerest realm.

Upon rehashing the drama and uncertainty of his future, he got quiet…softened…to offer a heartwarming testament which unexpectantly engulfed my heart.  After his painstaking recount of the drama in his life he slowly shared, “…but through it all, it is this moment, yes,  this moment of talking with you, I am so grateful, for this moment…”

But through it all, it is this moment, yes,  this moment of talking…I am so grateful, for this moment…

Ahh, the lesson of the evening poured forth:  the value of  moments, pausing to appreciate special moments graciously offered by the Universe.  Yes, so meaningful, this moment, indeed.

I’m grateful for that moment for it centered me in remembrance of the value of friendship.  Surely that moment shall be treasured and held within reflective stitches when I next pick up my crochet needles.  It shall surely burst forth in my artwork.

I’m so grateful to share it with you…

Play it forward, for sure…please do

Capturing Heartwarming Moments

So there I was at the end of the week, tired and in a noisy restaurant with noisy strangers, loud music with several sporting events on various large flat screen televisions and far too many people on their phones chatting away when my dear acquaintance insisted we leave to meet a friend of his who was sure to be instrumental with helping me jumpstart a project.  To be quite frank, packing myself up to go to yet another stop was the last thing on my mind.  I needed downtime, quiet.  All I wanted to do was go home and watch the latest televison episode of NBC’s Dateline show.  You see, I’m typically “on” for work at my day job as a public relations professional with clients and as a professor with my students and fellow faculty members,  so the last thing on my mind was to be “on” for meeting someone new at this late time of evening.  Uggh.

Before I knew it, in the middle of my “NO!” mindset, my friend was on his cell phone talking to the person about dropping by.  As he laughed and made arrangements for our forthcoming visit, I sulked and just calculated how long and agonizing this would all be.  Yes, I wanted possible assistance but it was late; I wanted to go home, to reflect and process my week’s journey.  I wanted to just settle down and watch Dateline…but, uggh, plans were now set for introductions at Mr. B’s home.

Resolving a lost, I put my game face on and graciously went to me someone new.

As we drove into the neighborhood of Mr. B, I was amazed at the shift of energy…all was so quiet, serene, indicative of my innate nature.  Hhmm…I, too, was beginning to shift.

From the moment his door opened engulfing us with soft music and the warm greeting of our host, opening his welcoming arms, I melted into the spirit of my new headspace for the evening.  I offered a hug which seemed to naturally beacon more so than the traditional handshake.

I melted into the spirit of my new headspace for the evening.

Our host was truly gracious with an infectious smile and jolly, open nature.  Settling into a comfy sofa, I gently eased into what I love best:  great conversation, flowing dialogue and moments to be treasured and savored.  Seems we were from the same childhood neighborhood, thus, we journeyed back in time to those folks of common, the remember when this-and-that happened and exploration of who’s now where and doing what.  To top the evening off, I ventured off into the world of my host’s yearbook which truly extracted memories and reflective moments of oh, my gosh and look at so-and-so back then and more grand remembrances from years-gone-by.

I noticed my host heartily laughing at the connections and the joys of yesteryear.  Before I knew it, time had soared by and it was time to bid farewell.  I could not help but extend another hug, a parting jester to thank him for easing my heart and soul for the evening.  And, to think, I wanted to hang out with an episode of Dateline when there was this very real, heartwarming, authentic connection and nurturing evening chat.

Ahh, another gem of moments to treasure….and when I least expected.

Definitely another treasured conversation gem topic for the next crochet gathering.

Living Room Brown Pillows

Here, a relaxing scene taken from the set of my travelling talk forum,

The Living Room Experience(R):  Where Meaningful Chats Change Lives

It’s all about the conversation and meaningful moments.