“In This Moment” – More Reflection to be Imbedded In My Crochet Stitches

I had the chance to converse with a friend I had not seen in over a year.  A dear soul, one whom I truly valued but the nature of life had us arrive upon a fork in the road with our paths going separate ways.  Our recent reconnection was via phone late one night where initial moments felt a bit strange, a sort of cumbersome re-acquaintance period.

We began sharing where life had led us over the year.  Stepping forward cautiously.  Baby steps.  Safe sharings.   Then, something amazing happened; seems a dam broke and a cascade of recent occurrences effortlessly flowed from my dear friend…just like old times.  All had been well but recent weeks delivered a major life challenge.  Suddenly our uncomfortableness broke down where we slipped back into our old familiar friendship territory.   My concerns for his current challenge prompt my heart into overdrive to surround him with well-wishes for the best resolve; prayers poured forth from the depths of my sincerest realm.

Upon rehashing the drama and uncertainty of his future, he got quiet…softened…to offer a heartwarming testament which unexpectantly engulfed my heart.  After his painstaking recount of the drama in his life he slowly shared, “…but through it all, it is this moment, yes,  this moment of talking with you, I am so grateful, for this moment…”

But through it all, it is this moment, yes,  this moment of talking…I am so grateful, for this moment…

Ahh, the lesson of the evening poured forth:  the value of  moments, pausing to appreciate special moments graciously offered by the Universe.  Yes, so meaningful, this moment, indeed.

I’m grateful for that moment for it centered me in remembrance of the value of friendship.  Surely that moment shall be treasured and held within reflective stitches when I next pick up my crochet needles.  It shall surely burst forth in my artwork.

I’m so grateful to share it with you…

Play it forward, for sure…please do


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