Show Time @ The Museum – What’s Your Favorite Color?

Minatures Exhibit AA

So excited to  receive an invite to participate in a local show hosted by a Long Island museum.  It’s their  weekend festival.  I’ll be sharing works from my new Metropolitan Collection:  The Minatures.  Wearable art or frameable…that’s how the trend goes today.  Just think:  the frame can serve as the “new” jewelry box.  After a night out, just place the art back in its frame.  Wha-La!

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Above:  Wearable Art – Regular pins and suit label pins

For display or wear on clothing, adorn bags, jazz up a sweater or present as a delightful gift.

Military Salute The Minatures

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Here:  A Salute to Military

Pins honoring our military for, indeed,

Let us praise all they do for our country.

Thank you.

The Metropolitan Minatures are a whole lot of fun.

What do you think?

Military Salute Nature Minatures Gold

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

 The Metropolitan Collection:  The Minatures Series

Minatures with Leaves

 Minatures Gold Pin II

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Minatures Purple Pin

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Have to run…  More minatures to get ready for their big launch.

Minatures Group Draft

Let me know if you “LIKE”!

What color do you like best?

Pick one here and let me know:


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