Yarn Bombing Trees in Baldwin, Long Island

Yarn Bombing or Yarn Storming:  a form of graffiti or street art where the bark of public trees are adorned with colorful crocheted or knitted pieces.  The artist is typically anonymous.

While considered a city phenomena, I saw my first live yarn bombing of a tree right in my suburban region on Long Island.  I was driving down a street in the quaint lil town of Baldwin on Grand Avenue when I spotted it.  I practically did a dead stop in the middle of the street.  I could not believe it!  Anything crochet makes me stop but these two trees; on a main street in front of a popular strip mall was a sight to see on Long Island.

 Tree Trunk Crochet 1  Tree Trunk Crochet 2


Too, I giggled, with all of the laws we have, I KNEW this was probably illegal so I had to find a park, find it real fast, whip out my camera to capture this grand moment.  Yes, I finally got a chance to see my first tree yarn bomb.  It so fit in with my love of trees, crochet and crocheting tree images.

Ahh, a great day; all hail to tree trunks dressed in yarn.



Have you spotted any?  Take a picture and please share with me here or send it to me at:   professor.evans@yahoo.com


Alicia Evans – Fiber Artist

“Let the yarn speak(c)”

3 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing Trees in Baldwin, Long Island

  1. Hi, I am happy you loved our yarn bombing in Baldwin, but it was not illegal we had permission from legislator Laura Curran and we had shop keepers on Merrick road east of grand avenue in front of sweet & savory cafe and a few trees and lamp posts. Unfortunately some residents of Baldwin didn’t like Baldwin Life Stitches and Baldwin Civic Association project and they have been vandalized since it display from June 19th. The nice ones you took pictures of was taken down has been duscarded or taken. If you like more information you can contact me at 516-223-6282.


    1. I loved it!
      I went back just a few days later to take better photos and was dismayed to see it removed. Sigh.
      So sad to hear of it being vandalized. Uggh.
      Perhaps we can explore other possibilities for public display. I’m at: 516 377 6146

      And I love Sweet & Savory Cafe.

      Here’s to your wonderful art and discovery of just the right arena for all the appreciate!


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