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Holiday Redd!

Latest from my studio for the holidays…the smaller works…4 x 6.
You like?

"Redd Flower Tree" Copyright 2015 (c) Alicia Evans
"Redd Bow" Copyright 2015 (c) Alicia Evans

~ Alicia ~

Black Friday for an Artist


“Black Friday” for me, the fiber artist, and as a busy professor with an official day of from work means true celebration!  And that’s not engaged in the traditional shopping frenzy but focused on my true nature as an artist. 

Today I’m finishing up work on the Redd Tree Series mentioned in previous posts.  I’ll be organizing my studio and taking inventory of supplies.  I’ve just been gifted yarn which needs to be put away and yes, I have freshly cut wood which needs to be prepped.

It will truly be a peaceful day with soft jazz playing in the background.  I’ll have a pot of cinnamon and water brewing to fragrance the air with holiday spiritis.  And, of course, there’s leftover turkey for midday snacking and some of that leftover apple pie.  There will be few phone calls coming in.  Why?  ‘Cause everyone’s out shopping in the madness of “Black Friday”!

Here’s to artists across nation.
Here’s to crochet needles and yarn and the world’s fiber artists as we continue to joyfully and peacefully create!


Ahh…the peace of “Black Friday” for the true artist.

Intention of Days

I intend my days to be agendas of art: 
creating, framing, marketing, speaking, yarn and chatting, inspiring and more

I intend my days to be FFs…
FInancially Fruitful

I intend my days to be…
Hours of CCs
Creatively Crafting

I intend my days to be…
More Commissioned Works
In Demand
Of Ease
In Divine Order

Here’s a sampling of today’s Intention…
Crocheted Wall Tattoo(TM) 
“Headed Home”
Copyright 2015 (c)
Alicia Evans

"Headed Home" Crocheted Wall Art(TM)

“Ms. Bette Takes a Ride” – New Thanksgiving Inspired Artwork

Many of us have heard that tale of going through the woods and up trails to grandmother’s house, especially for Thanksgiving.  Well, here’s a crochet tale of being inspired by a friend during a phone chat to create art reflecting that old tale of riding to grandma’s house.

I had not chatted with my friend Bette for years after she left New York.  She’s now in the Bay area of San Francisco.  So when we chance an online connect, I eagerly grabbed my phone to dial her number.  Good memories flooded my whole being as I dialed.  Yes!, catch-up time.

While we did a couple of hours catching up via phone, I secretly challenged myself to start a piece of artwork from scratch and conclude it when we finished our chat.  The results: “Ms. Bette Takes a Ride” as we literally all course our way into Thanksgiving and into the December holiday season.

Work behind-the-scenes
My work is based solely on one single strand of yarn, crocheted in twists and turns without any set intention.  That is, I haven’t a clue what the end results will be.

Who knows what this shall be...

Next…several hours or a month or two worth of stitches, I’ll get something that looks twisted like this:

Taking shape:

Twists & twirls taking shape

Then I slowly and deligently “sculpt” my yarn in position…actually it is then that I truly “let the yarn speak” to shape an image which may be abstract or an actual form.  Inspired by my chat with Bette, who has a head full of natural locks, I created this delightfully playful piece.

"Ms. Bette Takes a Ride" Copyright 2015 (c) Alicia Evans

All of the above is from one continuous piece of yarn.

Ahh, I love fiber art.  I luv Ms. Bette.  I’m feelin’ this one may remain in my private collection.

What do you think?

~ Alicia ~