“Ms. Bette Takes a Ride” – New Thanksgiving Inspired Artwork

Many of us have heard that tale of going through the woods and up trails to grandmother’s house, especially for Thanksgiving.  Well, here’s a crochet tale of being inspired by a friend during a phone chat to create art reflecting that old tale of riding to grandma’s house.

I had not chatted with my friend Bette for years after she left New York.  She’s now in the Bay area of San Francisco.  So when we chance an online connect, I eagerly grabbed my phone to dial her number.  Good memories flooded my whole being as I dialed.  Yes!, catch-up time.

While we did a couple of hours catching up via phone, I secretly challenged myself to start a piece of artwork from scratch and conclude it when we finished our chat.  The results: “Ms. Bette Takes a Ride” as we literally all course our way into Thanksgiving and into the December holiday season.

Work behind-the-scenes
My work is based solely on one single strand of yarn, crocheted in twists and turns without any set intention.  That is, I haven’t a clue what the end results will be.

Who knows what this shall be...

Next…several hours or a month or two worth of stitches, I’ll get something that looks twisted like this:

Taking shape:

Twists & twirls taking shape

Then I slowly and deligently “sculpt” my yarn in position…actually it is then that I truly “let the yarn speak” to shape an image which may be abstract or an actual form.  Inspired by my chat with Bette, who has a head full of natural locks, I created this delightfully playful piece.

"Ms. Bette Takes a Ride" Copyright 2015 (c) Alicia Evans

All of the above is from one continuous piece of yarn.

Ahh, I love fiber art.  I luv Ms. Bette.  I’m feelin’ this one may remain in my private collection.

What do you think?

~ Alicia ~

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