Mother’s Day, Superman & Yarn

Had to step away from writing for a moment…but for a good cause.  My mother had a horrific mishap with her neck in January…and I’ve been throughly engaged with healing…and finding a new “normal”.  Her predicament is on the same level as Christopher Reeves, Superman, but I refuse to call it by that name for her condition is greatly improving now.  She is truly healing.

In the meantime, during these past months of living in waiting room after waiting room, I stitched my way through her pain, my family’s pain…my own pain.  Every single day, through this roller coaster of medical treatments, hospitals, Intensive Care stays, rehabs, ambulance moves, waiting for this treament and that therapy, I crocheted my way through.

In celebration of transitioning those countless hours spent in all kinds of medical facilities into joy, I share with you now the bouquet of crocheted works.  Below is only a small  sampling.  Each color will soon be sculpted into a fine art masterpiece.

Here’s to my mother’s healing.  On the road to a wonderful Mother’s Day.



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