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Tree Advocacy Thru Yarn

I have long had a passion for trees.  As a public relations professional and educator, I have spearheaded campaigns for trees, conducted event planning for a songwriting contest for trees and have contributed to New York’s One Million Trees program.

I continuously return to trees in some form or fashion.  I delve even deeper now with my artwork focused on tree imagery.  And now it pleases me to launch When Trees Talk, Let the Yarn Speak.  This is an international tree advocacy program with a twist of art.  It is the mission of the program to use visual imagery to prompt authentic talk, awareness and support of trees currently in crisis around the world.

When Trees Talk(c) serves as a forum where people can gather for an exciting flow of facilitated dialogue which allows for authentic, down-to-earth conversation.

I am so pleased to be launching the program during a session with the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island on Sunday, August 25, 2019.  We will go on a journey exploring the world of trees, hear of their secret life and what trees do at night.  We will hear insights of the challenging state of trees today and all participate in an interesting exercise which takes place in the year 2093 involving a critical decision to be made regarding trees.

Stay tuned.



Please feel free to join us Sunday.


Feel free to reach out to me at:

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When Art Makes Home, A Sweet, Home – “Praise”

Art carries a power… one which empowers you, inspires you and your home.  Whenever I complete a piece I always intend it to be adopted into a space which sparks conversation, peace and creates an air of authenticity.

I love the power of my latest work to enable a deep probing into self and honor of our elders.  Ahh, there is, indeed, power of art to make a home, truly a sweet home of warmth, embrace and love.


“Praise” Copyright 2018 © Alicia Evans


Ahh, a fine fit.  Smart interior design.

It’s been a moment since my last share with you. I have been taking care of mom. In previous posts I shared how she had become a quadraplegic. She eventually developed additional health complications which required my full attention. Such care for quadralegic–that’s paralysis of all limbs–does not come with a manual, thus, my absence from here.

But…thru it all, my devotion to my art continued. It’s ease of transport, my crochet needle and yarn, allowed me to engaged through the arduos journey of caring for mom which meant constant emergency room visits, appointments with specialists and long stays in rehab.

I am so pleased to share my artwork helped me to make it through this challenging period. All the work I created while in doctor’s offices and waiting rooms resulted in a spectacular solo art exhibition entitled “Tree-Mendous!”. I dedicated the show to my mother and as life would coincidentally have it, on the last day of the show, its closing, my mother, too, closed. Her journey concluded with the closing of my show dedicated to our tremedously rewarding time together during her last year.

Ahh, the memories…and the joy of total emersion into caring for another while using my art to care for me. Art truly heals.

Here are highlights from the exhibition:

“The Beginnings” Copyright (c) 2016 Alicia Evans 

This shows how my process begins with what appears to be crocheted string which I then “sculpt” into images.

Capturing “Tree-Mendous!” on video.  Enjoy!

Would luv to hear from you. What do you think?

Cosmic Meanderings II

Have you heard:   We, our Earth, are now several years into the Photo Belt.  That’s this massive wave of energy we will be travelling through over the next two thousand years.  Seems we do this every 26,000 years or so and when we are all up in it, we are exposed to more LIGHT coming from a far away star called Alcyon.  It is a normal cycle we are in among many cycles we traverse.  It is said to by on a higher frequency impacting our consciousness.

Hearing this, I’ve been inspired to work on artistic visioning coming into my realm.

Here’s the next installation to my inspiration from the universe entitled, Cosmic Meanderings II.  This is a series of new works building upon imaging for a show next spring.

Cosmic Meanderings II Yarn Close Up  Cosmic Meanderings II Beads Close Up

Cosmic Meandertings

Cosmic Meanderings”

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Selenite   All works are charged with the gemstone selenite

During this time of travel for all of us, Selenite enables healing and transformation.  On a higher level, Selenite:

  • Brings higher healing Light into our dimension
  • Helps with balancing and activating our chakras, internal energy wheels including our third eye and our crown chakra
  • Clears blockages
  • Heightens positive energy
  • Serves as a ‘telephone’, of sorts, for better communication within other realms
  • Acts as a tool for enlightenment

Selenite is a wonderful tool to help enhance your engagement with my artwork.

Feel the energy; enjoy the ride.

Alicia Evans – Fiber Artist

“Let The Yarn Speak!”