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Art Stamp

Hi All,

Have been travelling a bit but back in town.

I returned to a wonderful gift.  A friend turned one of my pieces into a stamp…yes, real stamps you can use to mail a letter.

How neat to see my Redd Tree turned in a stamp.

Copyright 2015 (c) by Alicia Evans
Copyright 2015 (c) Alicia Evans

Redd Trees Are Hot! Holiday Gift Inspirations

I’ve had such grand demands for a red tree recently featured in my solo exhibit.  Before the show even opened it sold in an instant.

While every item I create is custom…one-of-a-kind, I have decided to expand upon the Redd Tree Series focused on the yarn shade but each design is, indeed, signature.  A quick share of such on my Facebook page yesterday and swoop! Another one was quickly “adopted”.  I usually fall in love with my pieces but they are gone so fast I don’t get a chance to fall deeply in love.

Here are my Redd Trees with more on the way.  They make wonderful holiday gifts.  $55

Let me know if you wish to adopt one of these delightful tree swirls.  

Redd Tree IV Copyright 2015 (c) Alicia Evans
Redd Tree III Copyright 2015 (c) Alicia Evans
Redd Tree II Copyright 2015 (c) Alicia Evans

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