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Commissioned Artwork for Nyack College in New York

It’s so wonderful to have my artwork commissioned.

Here’s a piece commissioned by Nyack College for their MBA graduates in The School of Business and Leadership.

1050 1103Criteria included the use of the school’s colors and be designed to have a piece which was touchable….for inspiration as graduates move forward.  In turn, I created the tassle.

I was so honored to have be thought of so highly to  extented the invitation to create this piece for the college.

Thank you, Nyack.


Graduates proudly display the artwork produced in their honor.

Alicia Evans ~ penpower1@hotmail.com

A Week of Possibilities


“Golden Knots I”
(C) 2015 Alicia Evans

I am expanding my collection of “The Minatures”. These are whimsical pins which are great for starting conversations. The work here is great as a special gift, friendship pin, wedding favors or simply extending your appreciation.

This item is crocheted, distinctively knotted and then sculpted into wearable art.

I love placing my focus and energy into these items. I will be adding to the collection.


“Golden Knots II – IV”
(C) 2015 Alicia Evans

I simply love the possibilities for creating and sharing “Golden Knots”.

Peace ‘n Light,

I welcome your thoughts below or write me here:


Cosmic Meanderings II

Have you heard:   We, our Earth, are now several years into the Photo Belt.  That’s this massive wave of energy we will be travelling through over the next two thousand years.  Seems we do this every 26,000 years or so and when we are all up in it, we are exposed to more LIGHT coming from a far away star called Alcyon.  It is a normal cycle we are in among many cycles we traverse.  It is said to by on a higher frequency impacting our consciousness.

Hearing this, I’ve been inspired to work on artistic visioning coming into my realm.

Here’s the next installation to my inspiration from the universe entitled, Cosmic Meanderings II.  This is a series of new works building upon imaging for a show next spring.

Cosmic Meanderings II Yarn Close Up  Cosmic Meanderings II Beads Close Up

Cosmic Meandertings

Cosmic Meanderings”

(c) 2015 Alicia Evans

Selenite   All works are charged with the gemstone selenite

During this time of travel for all of us, Selenite enables healing and transformation.  On a higher level, Selenite:

  • Brings higher healing Light into our dimension
  • Helps with balancing and activating our chakras, internal energy wheels including our third eye and our crown chakra
  • Clears blockages
  • Heightens positive energy
  • Serves as a ‘telephone’, of sorts, for better communication within other realms
  • Acts as a tool for enlightenment

Selenite is a wonderful tool to help enhance your engagement with my artwork.

Feel the energy; enjoy the ride.

Alicia Evans – Fiber Artist

“Let The Yarn Speak!”

Details, Darling, Details – It’s All in the Details of the Artwork

Copyright © 2015 Alicia Evans  All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2015 Alicia Evans
All rights reserved.

I had the grand opportunity to have a couple of professional photographers excited about my artwork desiring to photograph images.   What, pray tell, causes such excitement?  What did they want to capture?

Grandly offering an answer in full diva mode was one female photographer proclaiming, “It’s all in the details, darling, and the details!  That’s where the spark of magic is captured with your intricate curves and meandering flow.”

Okay, okay…I got it.

Show the crochet details of the artwork.

Yes, Darling, Yes!

Copyright © 2015 Alicia Evans All rights reserved.

“In This Moment” – More Reflection to be Imbedded In My Crochet Stitches

I had the chance to converse with a friend I had not seen in over a year.  A dear soul, one whom I truly valued but the nature of life had us arrive upon a fork in the road with our paths going separate ways.  Our recent reconnection was via phone late one night where initial moments felt a bit strange, a sort of cumbersome re-acquaintance period.

We began sharing where life had led us over the year.  Stepping forward cautiously.  Baby steps.  Safe sharings.   Then, something amazing happened; seems a dam broke and a cascade of recent occurrences effortlessly flowed from my dear friend…just like old times.  All had been well but recent weeks delivered a major life challenge.  Suddenly our uncomfortableness broke down where we slipped back into our old familiar friendship territory.   My concerns for his current challenge prompt my heart into overdrive to surround him with well-wishes for the best resolve; prayers poured forth from the depths of my sincerest realm.

Upon rehashing the drama and uncertainty of his future, he got quiet…softened…to offer a heartwarming testament which unexpectantly engulfed my heart.  After his painstaking recount of the drama in his life he slowly shared, “…but through it all, it is this moment, yes,  this moment of talking with you, I am so grateful, for this moment…”

But through it all, it is this moment, yes,  this moment of talking…I am so grateful, for this moment…

Ahh, the lesson of the evening poured forth:  the value of  moments, pausing to appreciate special moments graciously offered by the Universe.  Yes, so meaningful, this moment, indeed.

I’m grateful for that moment for it centered me in remembrance of the value of friendship.  Surely that moment shall be treasured and held within reflective stitches when I next pick up my crochet needles.  It shall surely burst forth in my artwork.

I’m so grateful to share it with you…

Play it forward, for sure…please do

The Sacredness of Circles


There is something so powerful about the energy of circles.  My fiber artwork contains a core of circles which seem to draw people in to study, observe, slowly meander through the course of the work.  I consider my artwork to be a visual labyrinth, a mind-spa for nurturing and transforming your spirit.  The intention of the art is to help you tap into that an innate power you have always known.

There is a sacredness about circles.  They imbue authenticity, completion, wholeness, wisdom, infinity, cycles, perfection, unity

Circles II AE

When crocheting where I am fine-tuned on circles, they tend to “talk” and guide my design.  I eagerly embark upon the journey, not quite understanding where the guides shall take me or where or even when I should end the piece.  I let the yarn speak.  I allow my needle and yarn to transcend my being into a sacred realm and when I emerge…ahh, divine crocheted beauty is birthed.


2015 Copyrighted (C)  Alicia Evans  All Rights Reserved.

Featured are the latest addition to my fiber arts collection:

Sacredness 42015


2015 Copyrighted (C) Alicia Evans

All Rights Reserved.

So, tell me, what do circles mean for you?  I welcome your sharing.