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Crochet Meanderings While Winter Beaching in New York

Beach Sun 1 While New York living is not always seasonally optimum for the beach, I frequent the shore throughout the year.  I find the beach to be such a complement to my fiber arts creation where the soothing calm of the sea offers solitude for reflection.  The sea air bursts with intoxicating ions inspiring visions for new projects and breakthroughs for current ones.

I am so blessed to live near the beach and love ending my day with a quick drive to the shore, with yarn and needle in tow.  I especially love this time of year–beach in the winter in New York–where I, and only a few fellow regulars, bathe in the quietude and calm of a tourist-free landscape where seagulls, sand and a meandering mile-long boardwalk become our treasured, sacred playland with no outsiders to interrupt where we can romp free or simply…chill.

There are times when I sit in my car loving the sound of the wind soaring outside while I have the heat blazing within.  I face the setting sun adorned in its winter gala wear of orange and reds and winter yellow-white.  I take in a deep breathe–ahhh– at peace with a ball of brand new yarn, my favorite needle nearby.   My soul is always nurtured at the beach expanding my visions for grand possibilities.

Yesterday’s yarn thrill involved the start of what I call a “magic marker Marker Snuggie 1snuggie”.  By day, I’m a professor and often use black markers for writing on the board; somehow, the markers always seem to disappear within the bottomless pit of my black school bag.  I joyfully began to craft, from scratch, not sure which way to go, a holder just for my markers.  I delighted in selection of a bright orange shade sure to be quickly found in my bag.

I needed this crochet break from my typical wall hangings.  Tomorrow, Marker Snuggie 2tomorrow…I return to my regular work, my adopted artistic forte, my emerging vertical trademark  of crocheted spirals…for meditative meanderings.

Beach Sun 2

Photos capture my favorite beach hideaway on Long Island in all of its winter glory.

All photos by Alicia Evans (C)  Copyrighted 2015

What moves you?  Prompts excitement in your life?