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Tree Advocacy Thru Yarn

I have long had a passion for trees.  As a public relations professional and educator, I have spearheaded campaigns for trees, conducted event planning for a songwriting contest for trees and have contributed to New York’s One Million Trees program.

I continuously return to trees in some form or fashion.  I delve even deeper now with my artwork focused on tree imagery.  And now it pleases me to launch When Trees Talk, Let the Yarn Speak.  This is an international tree advocacy program with a twist of art.  It is the mission of the program to use visual imagery to prompt authentic talk, awareness and support of trees currently in crisis around the world.

When Trees Talk(c) serves as a forum where people can gather for an exciting flow of facilitated dialogue which allows for authentic, down-to-earth conversation.

I am so pleased to be launching the program during a session with the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island on Sunday, August 25, 2019.  We will go on a journey exploring the world of trees, hear of their secret life and what trees do at night.  We will hear insights of the challenging state of trees today and all participate in an interesting exercise which takes place in the year 2093 involving a critical decision to be made regarding trees.

Stay tuned.



Please feel free to join us Sunday.


Feel free to reach out to me at:


Much Luv,

Signature Label

“Possibilities”, Art & Conversation

My current art show has supported my desire to blend art, music and meaningful conversations.  It has been a testament to what is, indeed, possible when you work the magic of intention.

Conversation and art must be position at the core of who we are collectively.  When we naturally connect through the arts and with one another, it nurtures our soul and the very nature of who we are.

I so look forward to creating more meaningful affairs where we engage and celebrate our humaness.  It’s a mindful thing and let’s keep it rolling.

Here are highlights from the “Possibilities” exhibit authentically connecting so many folks.

Connecting with Alyssa who was so moved by "One Love". She has now added it to her personal art collection.
Thank you Alyssa for Cicchetti!
David Nepal and his wife graced the affair with wonderful conversation, insight and appreciation.



Artwork in “Chat The Park” Event & NYC Gallery La La Gallery

So I have a couple of shows coming up in August including an event I am producing called:  Chat in The Park(C) under a gazebo where we will explore the subject of “Living Your Life On Purpose”.

I am so excited and have folks already humming about the upcoming  event on Long Island,  New York.

Chat in the Park Gazebo


Gazebo for upcoming Chat in the Park(C)

We will engage in the first of a relaxing retreat series of conversations that’s sure to empower, inspire and nurture your soul.  We’ll experience the sharing of others.  We’ll explore how you can shift your life for success at home, at work and in relationships


Chat in the Park Swan

We’ll be gifted with the decor of nature as our backdrop for a great chat.

August 15, 2015

And, of course, I will have my crochet artwork on hand to adorn the area along with the natural setting of a serene lake, trees, swans, and more. 

 Minatures with Leaves

Minatures Purple Pin

Wearable Chit Chat Pin

2015 (c) Copyright.  Alicia Evans

It is so exciting to be engaged in bringing forth this possibility to fruition.

Chit Chat Pins    Adorn a t-shirt,  spruce up a bag, start a conversation with a pin dancing upon your hat.
Chit Chat Pins
Adorn a t-shirt, spruce up a bag, start a conversation with a pin dancing upon your hat.



On another note, I had intentions to showcase my artwork in Soho, an oasis for the arts in New York City.  I set that intention at the start of 2015.

Well, sure enough, I’ve brought this possibility to reality.  My work will be featured in Gallery La La starting August 1st.  Whoop-Whoop!!  This is highly regarded venue for artisans.  I am so delighted and honored.

Gallery La La Street View

I see triple AAA’s coming up.

August, Art & Alicia


Capturing Heartwarming Moments

So there I was at the end of the week, tired and in a noisy restaurant with noisy strangers, loud music with several sporting events on various large flat screen televisions and far too many people on their phones chatting away when my dear acquaintance insisted we leave to meet a friend of his who was sure to be instrumental with helping me jumpstart a project.  To be quite frank, packing myself up to go to yet another stop was the last thing on my mind.  I needed downtime, quiet.  All I wanted to do was go home and watch the latest televison episode of NBC’s Dateline show.  You see, I’m typically “on” for work at my day job as a public relations professional with clients and as a professor with my students and fellow faculty members,  so the last thing on my mind was to be “on” for meeting someone new at this late time of evening.  Uggh.

Before I knew it, in the middle of my “NO!” mindset, my friend was on his cell phone talking to the person about dropping by.  As he laughed and made arrangements for our forthcoming visit, I sulked and just calculated how long and agonizing this would all be.  Yes, I wanted possible assistance but it was late; I wanted to go home, to reflect and process my week’s journey.  I wanted to just settle down and watch Dateline…but, uggh, plans were now set for introductions at Mr. B’s home.

Resolving a lost, I put my game face on and graciously went to me someone new.

As we drove into the neighborhood of Mr. B, I was amazed at the shift of energy…all was so quiet, serene, indicative of my innate nature.  Hhmm…I, too, was beginning to shift.

From the moment his door opened engulfing us with soft music and the warm greeting of our host, opening his welcoming arms, I melted into the spirit of my new headspace for the evening.  I offered a hug which seemed to naturally beacon more so than the traditional handshake.

I melted into the spirit of my new headspace for the evening.

Our host was truly gracious with an infectious smile and jolly, open nature.  Settling into a comfy sofa, I gently eased into what I love best:  great conversation, flowing dialogue and moments to be treasured and savored.  Seems we were from the same childhood neighborhood, thus, we journeyed back in time to those folks of common, the remember when this-and-that happened and exploration of who’s now where and doing what.  To top the evening off, I ventured off into the world of my host’s yearbook which truly extracted memories and reflective moments of oh, my gosh and look at so-and-so back then and more grand remembrances from years-gone-by.

I noticed my host heartily laughing at the connections and the joys of yesteryear.  Before I knew it, time had soared by and it was time to bid farewell.  I could not help but extend another hug, a parting jester to thank him for easing my heart and soul for the evening.  And, to think, I wanted to hang out with an episode of Dateline when there was this very real, heartwarming, authentic connection and nurturing evening chat.

Ahh, another gem of moments to treasure….and when I least expected.

Definitely another treasured conversation gem topic for the next crochet gathering.

Living Room Brown Pillows

Here, a relaxing scene taken from the set of my travelling talk forum,

The Living Room Experience(R):  Where Meaningful Chats Change Lives

It’s all about the conversation and meaningful moments.

A Garden Grows in Brooklyn: Street Art Crocheted – Definitely a Conversation Starter

I love living in New York for you are constantly amazed at the sights.

Below is a great piece so in line with my world of fiber art and crochet. Located in one of the nation’s hottest growing regions, my town of birth, Brooklyn, New York. Right on Myrtle Avenue there is currently a garden in crochet advising: Save The Art
What a wonderful, inspiring sight to see.

Knowing my love of fiber art, and yarn and crochet, my friend Lynne eagerly forwarded this beautiful street art. As for ownership, it had a hashtag of #LondonKane or #LandonKane at the bottom. I welcome sharing the name of the artist; just let me know.

Truly prompts inspiration and reflection of ways we can encourage one another through works of art.

Save The Art Marcy Ave


What about you?

Lapel Pins Spark a Conversation – Haberdashery with a Twist!

I am so in tuned with the gift of connecting with others.  And, oh, how I love ways in which to spark a conversation.  A great way for guys to get chats started is to adorn a unique lapel pin.  Ahh, that says so much about a man, his taste, his charm, his wit, his character.

I had the opportunity to be inspired over a lapel pin.  Had the pleasure of chatting with an acclaimed personality, motivational speaker, top businessman and television persona about my art of weaving and more.  I’m hoovering right now on being discreet but my latest piece pays high homage to him. 

Psst… don’t tell him but you’ll find him here: 


“Tango Orange”
(C) 2015 Copyright by Alicia Evans

Spice 'N Pepper

“Spice ‘N Pepper”
(C) 2015 Copyrighted by Alicia Evans

Custom designed, one-of-kind, handcrafted gentleman’s lapel pin.  Surely a great gift, especially for Father’s Day…a definite conversation piece.

Just call this the haberdashery with a twist.

Let’s talk more about adding one in your amoire.
Let’s connect:   professor.evans@yahoo.com

What’s Your Passion? What Are You Looking Forward To?

There are just some days when you simply cannot get out of bed. And, oh, if the sun’s on vacation and the rain and clouds reign high, you just want to turn over and pull the covers over your head.

There are some people who seem to have the covers over their heads every day. They seem to have little to look forward to.

I look forward to many things in my life. And yarn, especially on sale, gets me excited. Or, having a great meaningful discussion, ahh, it just

Copyright © 2015 Alicia Evans  All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2015 Alicia Evans
All rights reserved.

tickles my toes. Or the thought of a topic for my next conversation sets me on fire. I become so passionate, so thrilled. To be inspired daily and to inspire others…yes, it makes me throw off the covers and do a happy dance.

Here’s to my latest happy dance thrill I simply call: Red Tree
It’s filled with passion and rhythm and swirls with delight.

Happy, Happy


How One Stupid Tweet Messed Up a Life! – Why Yarn, Chat & Possibilities Is So Needed

I ran across a New York Times article which is so relevant to the need for conversation.  When people dialogue, mindfully look one another eye to eye,  there is a connectedness which is so important to the human spirit.  In our ever expanding digital age, we sometimes become lost in developing a relationship with a device.  Now, mind you, I am a professor of social media but there must be balance.

When you become mindful in dialogue, mindful in your connect with another, it supports the growth of oneself.  Our inner relationships have opportunity to thrive.  In sessions where we gather, like those of crochet or knitting circles, opportunities avail to more deeply delve into focused, meaningful conversation.  It enables an internal empowerment and clarity of direction.

Here is one amazing story made for a chat, one which serves as an poignant lesson to inspire us to become far more in tuned with how we should be aligning our forward focus.  The power of yarn and conversation is a major force for positively shifting our life.

Tell me what you think of  this story from the New York Times entitled,

“How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life”

Source / Link:    http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/15/magazine/how-one-stupid-tweet-ruined-justine-saccos-life.html?_r=0

Healing The World With Yarn


See How Yarn Contributes to Being Alive, Our Well-Being & Happiness

I am so thrilled to share a marvelous video I came across sharing fascinating and life saving benefits of engaging with one’s needle.  The video, Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time, provided by the Craft Yarn Council offers excellent insight in a marvelously produced work, with great music, research and testimony.  You’ll hear how crochet and knitting has works to transform lives.  You’ll amazingly discover:

  • How the repetitive motion crochet and knitting contributes to deepening our relationship with our minds
  • How it contributes to a heightened meditative state for addressing problems and finding solutions
  • The awesome social benefits of gathering in circles
  • The proven studies showing how it reduces stress, blood pressure levels, depression and eases chronic pains
  • It’s positive impact on children, teens, the elderly, the chronically ill and others

The video shares so much more, too.  Working with yarn to create, helps to free our minds and place us in a zone that’s therapeutic and nurtures our hearts, mind and soul.

The Power of Crochet & Knitting Circles

 In our technology driven age where we are so engaged with computers, our smartphones and other tech gadgets, it takes away from our humanness.  We are drawn from what it means to be alive. We must mindfully balance our interaction with such so as to nurture the core of who we are.  Socially, gathering in with others, in circles of common ground, enriches our spirits.  And, that’s why I love being an impetus of the call to gather, like that of those of the elders who innately knew how the energy of healing works especially while in circle, connecting with others.

Yarn Matters

I absolutely love the way the power of needlework is described in the video by Carrie Barron, MD, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.  She says:

“If we deaden our senses, if we do not engage in activities that brings our senses to the surface, there is an insidious type of collapse within…and we loose the best part of being alive…of being human…Yarn Matters!”

Yarn definitely matters in my life.  It helps to bring people together to create, connect and chat at an authentic levels, to share and thrive. When we connect through mindful dialogue, focused conversation…ahh the possibilities are limitless.


Do enjoy and share the news with those in your circle today:

Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time



It truly is all about Yarn, Chat & Possibilities!

 Yarn Beige Circle

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  What do you think?

~ Alicia ~

Image Source:  http://candobooksaustralia.blogspot.com/2012/12/knitting-in-circles-getting-somewhere.html

I Love Yarn! Happy Valentine’s Season!

With Valentine’s Day season in the air, I thought deeply about what I wanted to share with you.  So, while  slowly cruising through my Long Island neighborhood I thought about things I absolutely love.   And, when I did, it so magically shifted my energy.  I was in love with just thinking about what I love.

Yarn Valentine Heart MyGurumi

Here’s my list:

  • I love yarn and with a side of good conversation
  • Anything cinnamon
  • A juicy tangerine
  • Fiber arts

Heaven for me:  My needle and yarn, with a friend or two to chat; a cinnamon bun and a tangerine on the side!  Suddenly I get visions of a finished piece of artwork.  Ohh, goodie!

Sometimes it’s just the little things in life that mean a whole lot.

Happy Valentines Day!

What things do you love?  What makes you tickle and giggle inside and out?  Shifts your vibration?  Please, oh, please do share.

~ Alicia ~


(Image from:  Diana Knits / My Gurumi   http://mygurumi.blogspot.com/2009/02/pop-heart-pattern.html)