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It’s been a moment since my last share with you. I have been taking care of mom. In previous posts I shared how she had become a quadraplegic. She eventually developed additional health complications which required my full attention. Such care for quadralegic–that’s paralysis of all limbs–does not come with a manual, thus, my absence from here.

But…thru it all, my devotion to my art continued. It’s ease of transport, my crochet needle and yarn, allowed me to engaged through the arduos journey of caring for mom which meant constant emergency room visits, appointments with specialists and long stays in rehab.

I am so pleased to share my artwork helped me to make it through this challenging period. All the work I created while in doctor’s offices and waiting rooms resulted in a spectacular solo art exhibition entitled “Tree-Mendous!”. I dedicated the show to my mother and as life would coincidentally have it, on the last day of the show, its closing, my mother, too, closed. Her journey concluded with the closing of my show dedicated to our tremedously rewarding time together during her last year.

Ahh, the memories…and the joy of total emersion into caring for another while using my art to care for me. Art truly heals.

Here are highlights from the exhibition:

“The Beginnings” Copyright (c) 2016 Alicia Evans 

This shows how my process begins with what appears to be crocheted string which I then “sculpt” into images.

Capturing “Tree-Mendous!” on video.  Enjoy!

Would luv to hear from you. What do you think?

Mother’s Day Healing

Whew…what crazy months have gone by as I find myself in the new role of eldercare.  While mom is healing from a neck that was broken, I find ways to shift, ways to settle back into serenity. 

I was so overjoyed to find a rare moment to create and emerge into oneness with my art.  To mindfully slip away to refresh and meander into the stillness of a gloriously beautiful morn with my needle and yarn.

I took my studio work into the sun to finish this joyful new tree.  Ahh, new work in celebration of mom…

Mother's Day Tree 2016

                         Copyright (c) 2016 Alicia Evans

Up Close
Alicia Evans Reflections In the Stillness of Morn

Happy Mother’s Day!