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When The Media Shows Up

This has been an exciting few months.  I’ve been preparing for a solo show in November.  I’ve just been selected to be in a juried show in October entitled Conversations in Color.  But truly awesome was being interviewed by Newsday, a major New York newspaper.  I was interviewed in several sessions over the summer and then determined to be one of four artist to be included in a major feature on artists dedicated to their craft for the long haul.

After a month a chatting with the reporter, the paper sent their photographer to my studio for a photo shoot.  While shooting, I discover he’s a PULITZER PRIZE photographer.  I am in AWE!  He’s world travelled and had just returned from covering the presidential political conventions. 

Suddenly, I just had to stop our session when it truly hit me that this truly world travelled photographer who had covered wars, Nelson Mandella, politics and more for decades…was in MY studio shooting my artwork and crocheted jewelry…holy cow!  I suddenly loose my quiet professionalism and shift my mode to an unexpected lighter feel:

Me:  Uhh, can we stop for a moment?

Photographer, slowly lowering camera, concerned:  Is everything alright?

Me:  I need to take a ten second break.

Photog:  You OK?

Me:  I just need a moment to pretend like I’m on the TV game show The PRICE IS RIGHT and they’ve just called my name.  ‘Cause that’s how I’m feeling about right now.  I’ve just been selected from the audience to win prizes.

Photog, truly perplexed:  Huh?…Uhh, OK…go on…

Me, in deep announcer’s voice like from the show:  ALICIA EVANS…COME ON DOWN.

I throw my hands up like they do on the show, jump up and give an excited hush-hush scream:  I can’t believe it.  I have a Pulitizer Prize photographer in my studio, taking pics of lil ole me…YES!  YES!

The photographer is stunned.  He’s laughing, about to drop his camera and realizes he has a crazy behind comediene on hand.  He’s starts chuckling out loud.

I slowly go back to my seat, pose and say all professional, as if nothing just happened, smooth down my clothing and say, “OK…let’s get back to the shoot”.

He continues to chuckle while shooting.

At the end of the session, still smiling, he confesses:  “I ain’t never had so much fun.  You are too funny.”


Photographer's camera set up in my studio.
Photo equipment of Pulitzer Prize John Williams preparing for photo shoot.
Lights, camera...almost ready...

Stay tuned for the story.


Front Page News, Santa & More

It was like waiting for Santa Claus.

It had been weeks since the newspaper interviewed me and sent out their Pulitzer Prize photographer to my studio to do a story on inspiring artisans.  I was one of five selected and boy, oh, boy how honored I felt.

Finally, after two months, I get the call:  the story comes out on Sunday. 

Well, the night before, I just toss and turn.  What’s the story going to say?  What about the photos?  Which ones would they choose?  How will this impact my business? 

The writer was so supportive, too.  Filled with an art passion and a skilled writer, I was thrilled to have her support.

I wanted to get the paper as soon as it was delivered to my house.

Around three in the morning, I glanced at the clock…again.  I’d been waking all night, excited, wondering, giddy.
I turn over and try to go back to sleep.  I doze and pop awake at four.  Dammit!, go to sleep I tell myself.  I slowly drift and bam 4:49, I awake again.  Dag, might as well get up and just wait for the delivery woman to toss the paper on the lawn.  Too, perhaps I can beg for some extra copies for my files, too.

Quietly, I slip from bed, grab my robe and slowly open the front door wanting to avoid its loud creeking sound which could awaken all in the house.

So there I am, on top of the steps, hair disshelved, looking back and forth up the street for the newspaper delivery lady.  Nothing.  I listen to the awakening birds.  Still nothing.  I consider going back in to get my glasses for I am truly blind without them but, no, I am too excited.  Another ten minutes, it’s still dark although the sky is brightening…still nothing.  I sit like a lil kid waiting and waiting for Santa Claus.  Where is he with my gift of coverage?

The sky’s getting brighter now.  More birds are chirpping.  I consider walking across my lawn to the street to look up the block.  I stand atop my steps seeing all kinds of blurred images because I left my glasses in the house. Nah, won’t leave the steps; can’t see too well.  And the neighbors might see me in my robe. 

I decide to sit back down.  I get a glimpse at some rubbish that I suspect the wind blew against the bottom steps.  Ahh, too anxious to get it now; will get and discard later.

Forty-five minutes go by and still no Santa Claus.  What the heck is going on?  The sun’s now up.  More birds are out.
I stand tall, wide awake, determinedly more pro-active and don’t give a darn about what I look like as I proceed down my front steps a little miffed.  As I reach the bottom step, I remember that clump of rubbish…but…wait…upon closer inspection…WHAT THE???…My blind self!!  The paper was right there the entire time.  I thought it was trash.

I snap up the paper like a mad hungry woman.  So many parts to soar through.  Damn, these ads; I chuck them aside as I turn and turn and turn pages.  And, there, right on the front cover of one of the sections…there’s my picture used as a promo for the inside story.  Wow!  I anxiously follow the promo advise: story on page 33 and…sigh…relieved…there it is.  A fabulous story highlighting me with four other artists.

The story highlights:
*My childhood years crocheting
*Features my artwork
*Highlights the forthcoming launch of an Artist Business Alliance
*Next steps in partnering to use my art for therapeutic work in healthcare facilities…hospitals, nursing homes, rehabs

Yes, Santa Claus did come with a wonderful early, early, early holiday gift.



That's me in the corner as a promo for the inside story.

~ Alicia ~
Fiber Artist

What an Honor to be Honored

Despite a major snow storm here in New York, a crowd came out to celebrate me in the opening of Women of a New Tribe exhibit.  Here are photos from this wonderful affair.

Alicia Evans

Professor / Fiber Artist

Phone Thru Jan 20 2015 196

Color Version of the artwork I am photographed with entitled, Fall

Tribute wall of honorees

Guests of the affair

Loving the honor.

Now…back to work!  More yarn projects to go.  Have my crochet needle in hand, reflections and more chats to share.

Women’s History Month has commenced with a bang!

~ Alicia ~

Café for Yarn, Dialogue & Possibilities

The launch of this blog coincides with my more serious search of a venue for hosting life enriching conversations.  Dialogue is so important these days.  That eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart connect cultivates the mind, body and spirit.

For weeks I’d been driving by a location which seemed perfect for hosting “chats” and I promised myself to drop by for an inside look, scope the place out, you know, intuit the energy as a possible setting for gatherings.

I reCage 2cently had a chance to drop by and fell in love as soon as I entered.  I was pleasantly surprised with the absolutely wonderful rustic décor which engenders a feel of authenticity, a down-to-earth, welcome-home air.

Upon chatting with the owner about the possibility of hosting chats within her venue, we discovered we were in alignment.  She loved the idea of partnering to host conversations in her cafe.  Details are in the works.  I am so excited about the possibilities.

Cafe 3

Under the auspices of yarn, open to all, the purpose of these dialogues is to provide a warm and welcoming setting to kick-back, connect and converse on topics which empower and enrich the spirit.  The conversations are designed to allow exploration of new paradigms for journeying our life paths, personally and collectively.  We shall delve into role of purpose, the value of stillness, the meaning of allowing and letting go, creating space, embracing change, and  examining possibilities and how to get there with ease and grace.  We’ll look at ways to innately shift and how to truly flow during these interesting times.  Participants will be encouraged to bring their yarn and needle to crochet and knit while we dialogue or folks can simply attend, as is, to converse and connect with other like-minds.


Cafe 1

I’ve already claimed this sun-drenched corner as my own for crocheting, creating and expanding possibilities.  

This lovely cafe is on Long Island in New York.

More details to come.   Stay Tuned. . .

I welcome your thoughts.

~ Alicia ~

Director of Yarn

Crochet Meanderings While Winter Beaching in New York

Beach Sun 1 While New York living is not always seasonally optimum for the beach, I frequent the shore throughout the year.  I find the beach to be such a complement to my fiber arts creation where the soothing calm of the sea offers solitude for reflection.  The sea air bursts with intoxicating ions inspiring visions for new projects and breakthroughs for current ones.

I am so blessed to live near the beach and love ending my day with a quick drive to the shore, with yarn and needle in tow.  I especially love this time of year–beach in the winter in New York–where I, and only a few fellow regulars, bathe in the quietude and calm of a tourist-free landscape where seagulls, sand and a meandering mile-long boardwalk become our treasured, sacred playland with no outsiders to interrupt where we can romp free or simply…chill.

There are times when I sit in my car loving the sound of the wind soaring outside while I have the heat blazing within.  I face the setting sun adorned in its winter gala wear of orange and reds and winter yellow-white.  I take in a deep breathe–ahhh– at peace with a ball of brand new yarn, my favorite needle nearby.   My soul is always nurtured at the beach expanding my visions for grand possibilities.

Yesterday’s yarn thrill involved the start of what I call a “magic marker Marker Snuggie 1snuggie”.  By day, I’m a professor and often use black markers for writing on the board; somehow, the markers always seem to disappear within the bottomless pit of my black school bag.  I joyfully began to craft, from scratch, not sure which way to go, a holder just for my markers.  I delighted in selection of a bright orange shade sure to be quickly found in my bag.

I needed this crochet break from my typical wall hangings.  Tomorrow, Marker Snuggie 2tomorrow…I return to my regular work, my adopted artistic forte, my emerging vertical trademark  of crocheted spirals…for meditative meanderings.

Beach Sun 2

Photos capture my favorite beach hideaway on Long Island in all of its winter glory.

All photos by Alicia Evans (C)  Copyrighted 2015

What moves you?  Prompts excitement in your life?