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“Possibilities” Exhibit Launches This Weekend – YES!

Oh, my nerves are a-shakin’.  I’m intensely working on the finishing touches for my solo exhibit.  The list goes on:  mating the artwork, wiring the back of frames for hanging, there’s still some pieces to be finalized, waiting for works to dry, and so much more.  And, I’m trying a new protective process so that one of my works can withstand outside climate.  The venue hosting my exhibit always promotes at least one featured work on the outside of their venue.  I thought this was pretty cool until I had to face the reality of my fiber art works withstanding the outside.  We’ll see and I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, the press release is out.  If you’re around, do drop by.


The Hidden Talents Fine Arts Collection


For Immediate   Release                                                                                                                             Contact:   Gaylord Truman . 516 377 6146

Crochet with a New Twist

Roosevelt Fiber Artist Takes Weaving to New Level

Possibilities Art Exhibit Spotlights Intricate Twists

West Hempstead Creative Corner Venue Hosts  Exhibit Launch – Sunday, October 18, 2015 2pm – 6pm


Roosevelt, New York – While the world of crochet and knitting experiences mass re-discovery in our nation, the niche sector of weaving wall art takes on a whole new twist in the new Possibilities art exhibit featuring crocheted textile works launching Sunday, October 18, 2015 at the Creative Corner (482 West Hempstead Avenue, West Hempstead, NY), a unique music and visual arts space.  Fiber artist Prof. Alicia Evans opens her one-woman show highlighting unique textile fiber art which takes crochet to an entire new level with designs reflective of whirling abstracts, bursts of color and decidedly organic intensity.

“My needle opens my door to expansive creativity,” says fiber artist Evans.  “I usually spend weeks, months on a piece not knowing what the outcome will be.  It is during the sculpting process that I mold and am able to see the finished work.  I allow the yarn to speak.”

Evans Lets The Yarn Speak – Her Creative Process

According to Evans, the process of weaving and then sculpting her work is directed by the yarn.  She describes her creating process involves allowing the yarn to be positioned in a natural way when laid out for sculpting.

“First I weaved the yarn and then lay it out to be sculpted upon natural backgrounds of jute, bamboo or burlap, I allow the yarn to form natural positioning.  You have to be sensitive, empathic to the movement of the natural way the yarn wants to twist, to move, to be laid out upon the background.  After weaved, the yarn naturally positions itself in a certain way which can only be seen when I’ve completed the crochet process.”

While this process may be difficult to describe, Evans breaks it down simply,

“It’s like hair.  Yarn is like hair and sometimes you have to coax it into position or allow it to flow in its natural pattern.  It’s taken me a few years to develop   this but that’s what makes my work so exciting…knowing how to speak the language of the yarn into art.”

Evans appears to translate the language of the yarn wonderfully in an exhibit which brilliantly reveals pure, down-to-earth understanding of how to beautifully twist, intertwine and marvel in the world of fiber arts.


“There are so many possibilities when creating designs.  Thus, the name of my forthcoming show, “ says Evans.  “I live my life within the realm of possibilities.  While my profession is teaching social media and PR at City College of New York, I now take teaching to another level; I teach how life can be lived within expanded possibilities.  Yes!”


Yarn, Chat & Possibilities





Fine Art America:





Creative Corner

482 Hempstead Avenue

West Hempstead, NY  11552

516 385 – 8782




2pm – 6pm






Gaylord Truman . 516 377 – 6146


Exhibit Runs

October 18, 2015 – November 6, 2015



“Fiber Art Now” Lists “Possibilities” Exhibit

It was such good news to hear my art exhibit, Possibilities, is listed on the Facebook page and Twitter of Fiber Art Now.  This is a quarterly print and digital magazine covering contemporary fiber art and textile.

I am honored.

I so appreciate the team at FIBER ART NOW
Thank You!



Summer Time & the Living Is…

Summer time and the living is easy, so goes that familiar song.

And so goes my focus on art and my continued direction.  I am ironing out this summer commercial designs.  You think this can work?


Museum inspired tote featuring my designs.  You may recall seeing the initial imaging in my previous post “Mind Labyrinth”.  Feel free to check out that recent post entry.

I envision my artwork on totes, pillows, rugs and more with items available in quality home decor sections or boutique designer outlets.  They are definitely items for Pier 1, Home Goods, Pottery Barn or Bed, Bath & Beyond.  The MoMA Store is also a good fit.  Wayfair or even…what do you think?   Where else can these items be a good fit?

Alicia:  Fiber Artist on steriods!

Artwork in “Chat The Park” Event & NYC Gallery La La Gallery

So I have a couple of shows coming up in August including an event I am producing called:  Chat in The Park(C) under a gazebo where we will explore the subject of “Living Your Life On Purpose”.

I am so excited and have folks already humming about the upcoming  event on Long Island,  New York.

Chat in the Park Gazebo


Gazebo for upcoming Chat in the Park(C)

We will engage in the first of a relaxing retreat series of conversations that’s sure to empower, inspire and nurture your soul.  We’ll experience the sharing of others.  We’ll explore how you can shift your life for success at home, at work and in relationships


Chat in the Park Swan

We’ll be gifted with the decor of nature as our backdrop for a great chat.

August 15, 2015

And, of course, I will have my crochet artwork on hand to adorn the area along with the natural setting of a serene lake, trees, swans, and more. 

 Minatures with Leaves

Minatures Purple Pin

Wearable Chit Chat Pin

2015 (c) Copyright.  Alicia Evans

It is so exciting to be engaged in bringing forth this possibility to fruition.

Chit Chat Pins    Adorn a t-shirt,  spruce up a bag, start a conversation with a pin dancing upon your hat.
Chit Chat Pins
Adorn a t-shirt, spruce up a bag, start a conversation with a pin dancing upon your hat.



On another note, I had intentions to showcase my artwork in Soho, an oasis for the arts in New York City.  I set that intention at the start of 2015.

Well, sure enough, I’ve brought this possibility to reality.  My work will be featured in Gallery La La starting August 1st.  Whoop-Whoop!!  This is highly regarded venue for artisans.  I am so delighted and honored.

Gallery La La Street View

I see triple AAA’s coming up.

August, Art & Alicia


Commissioned Artwork for Nyack College in New York

It’s so wonderful to have my artwork commissioned.

Here’s a piece commissioned by Nyack College for their MBA graduates in The School of Business and Leadership.

1050 1103Criteria included the use of the school’s colors and be designed to have a piece which was touchable….for inspiration as graduates move forward.  In turn, I created the tassle.

I was so honored to have be thought of so highly to  extented the invitation to create this piece for the college.

Thank you, Nyack.


Graduates proudly display the artwork produced in their honor.

Alicia Evans ~ penpower1@hotmail.com

“The Artist Process”: What I Learned From Acclaimed Fiber Artist Ruth Miller

As an emerging fiber artist in New York, I delve very seriously into the nature of the business of art.  And while I’d like to spend life 24/7 creating works, I must also incorporate the marketing of the works.  I will confess, I am living and learning taking my decades of PR and marketing skills and those I teach by day as a professor and applying it to my own works.

An area I have been truly refining is incorporating, that of sharing, my process with my audience.  I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to see professional fiber artist Ruth Miller discussing her process.  She specializing in making art portraiture  using needle and thread.

The detailed hand embroidered works of fiber artist Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller 3

Ruth Miller 2

I listened closely as Ms. Miller highlighted her process which included:

  • Ms. Miller’s works typically take one year to complete
  • Originally from New York, Ms. Miller transported herself to gulf coast of the US, Mississippi, where she had the arduous task of transforming dilapidated property into first, a living space.  Thereafter, she created her studio.  She shared “before” and “after” photos allowing you to garner an intimacy of the diligent transition and dedication to be able to create her work.
  • She talked of special threads used and how one company she liked went out of business forcing her to seek another outlet.
  • She notes how she first sketches out her work and then begins to create using multiple needles.
  • She shared how her process includes stitching and removing threads to get the right shape so that images are as exact to the actual person as possbile.

I was most moved by her words, how she proceeds through her day and what it takes to truly live and make a living as a professional artist.

One of the areas I have been contemplating is the framing of my work.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  I just could not see covering up my fiber works with glass yet felt kind of guilty that my art should be in glass, you know, like traditional art.  I have opted for no frame and felt excited when Ms. Miller advised that fiber needs to breathe.  It is “alive”.  When it is covered up, it tends to fog up.

Well, a couple of days later, while doing some outside photography of my smaller pieces, the Chit Chat pins mentioned in a recent blogs…while shooting pieces, I had some in a plastic bag outside in the sun.  I could not believe when I turned back to them ten minutes later, the bag was filled with fog.  Holy Cow!, the fiber does breathe…they are “alive”.   To further confirm, when I had them displayed at a festival, comments included how much the pins looked like tiny little people, living little folks.

   Yes, the wool, the fiber is alive with the energy and love I use to create them.    

Plastic bag prompts fibers to 'suffocate'.
Plastic bag prompts fibers to ‘suffocate’.

                                          Minatures Gold   Minatures with Leaves        Fiber needs to be in the open; it needs to breathe…no framing!


Described as “tiny, little living folks”, my Chit Chat pins go unframed so they can breathe.

Chit Chat Pins    Adorn a t-shirt,  spruce up a bag, start a conversation with a pin dancing upon your hat.
Chit Chat Pins



“First Tree”

All works on this page is copyrighted.

(c) 2011 – 2015 Alicia Evans


I’ll be sharing more about my process.  Stay tuned.