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Hot Off the Creative Cookie Sheet – More Chit Chat Pins

Just wanted to share more pins from my fiber arts creative oven.

Right out and presently displayed on the creative cookie sheet.

Stay tuned for their proper display in frames.

Chit Chat Pins On White Cardboard 7 16 2015

(c) 2015 Copyright.  Alicia Evans

Chit Chat Pins

Sure to prompt a conversation!

Lapel Pins Spark a Conversation – Haberdashery with a Twist!

I am so in tuned with the gift of connecting with others.  And, oh, how I love ways in which to spark a conversation.  A great way for guys to get chats started is to adorn a unique lapel pin.  Ahh, that says so much about a man, his taste, his charm, his wit, his character.

I had the opportunity to be inspired over a lapel pin.  Had the pleasure of chatting with an acclaimed personality, motivational speaker, top businessman and television persona about my art of weaving and more.  I’m hoovering right now on being discreet but my latest piece pays high homage to him. 

Psst… don’t tell him but you’ll find him here: 


“Tango Orange”
(C) 2015 Copyright by Alicia Evans

Spice 'N Pepper

“Spice ‘N Pepper”
(C) 2015 Copyrighted by Alicia Evans

Custom designed, one-of-kind, handcrafted gentleman’s lapel pin.  Surely a great gift, especially for Father’s Day…a definite conversation piece.

Just call this the haberdashery with a twist.

Let’s talk more about adding one in your amoire.
Let’s connect:   professor.evans@yahoo.com