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UPDATED: “Bolts ‘N Screws’ for Father’s Day

Update: I decided to change the background of the works and actually screw the artwork into the foundation. Here’s the final piece:

"Bolts 'N ScrewsII" Copyright 2016 (C) ALICIA EVANS

Do compare to the first one shared previously below.

What do you think?


I’ve started a new series called “Bolts ‘N Screws”…paying homage to our world of wonderful men.  The impetus for this focus stems from upcoming participation in an exhibit for Father’s Day on Long Island in New York.  

I’ve long wanted to encompass nuts and bolts and screws into my fiber art medium…so here goes to the first in an intented series of seven works.

"Bolts 'N Screws" Part I. Copyright 2016 (c) Alicia Evans

What are your thoughts?