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Sexy Yarn

Sexy Yarn PinkI was chatting with a friend the other day seeking advice about yarn and she led me to wonderful yarn website.   I arrived at the page in awe of the beautiful, swirling colors of yarn.  Before I knew it, my eyes started to dazzle, my passion slipped out with me lowering my voice and shifting my tone to an ultra sultry murmuring in one long breathe, “Now-that’s-some-sexy-yarn!

My girlfriend’s laughter brought me back to the present.  “Girl, what in the heck is ‘sexy yarn’?”

I couldn’t explain then but thought about it for a few days.  Sexy yarn has a visual flow, a captivating allure.  When all curled up and brand new, its visual aroma implants scenes of finished works of art.  Sexy yarn gently taps the artist’s creativity.  It sets off the fire of possibilities for works of delight and grandeur.

What do you think?